About Us - GC Spread


Are those gift cards still lying unused in your cabinet? That's terrible! Bring them out.

We, at Gift Card Spread can help you strike a fab deal on them.


This is not quantum physics; just a simple exchange.

You only have to trade your unwanted gift cards on GCS (yes, that's us!) and earn some cash out of those unwanted treasures. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

What do we do with those cards? Good question!

We re-sell your cards to a buyer who may be interested in the cards you have traded, at a discounted price. You see, it's a win- win situation.

Ever since Gift Card Spread made its debut in the gift cards market back in 2011, we are on a mission to arrange the best possible deals for our customers. Sellers make easy money while buyers save a lot while purchasing from among their favorite brands.

At Gift Card Spread, we care for our customers and there's absolutely nothing beyond you; it's a GCS promise! Our customer support team is dedicated towards making your experience at Gift Card Spread a memorable one and we call it a success when you smile.

Go the smart way with Gift Card Spread because paying full price, is so yesterday!